Hound Lounge -

Big Dog Activity Schedule (Tiny Town coming soon)Time
Open Play, Observe, and Take Video's 7-10:00 am
Hound Lounge Break Time 10-10:30
Balls and Frisbees 11:10-11:40
Treat Time and Gate Drill 11:40-12:00
Lunch Time12-1:30
Agility equipment comes out1:30-till end of day
Catch -n- Fetch2:10-2:30
Mega Tug-a-War - Gate Drill2:30-3:00
Yappy Hour (dinner) 3-4:00
Refs pick your activity!4-4:30
Treat Time4:30-4:45
Hound Lounge Break4:45-5:15
Refs pick an activity5:15-6:00
Inside - saying good bye to daycare friends6-7:00
Slumber Party begins7:30-8:00 outside break
Light Out, it's been a long day!between 9:30 and 10:30
Cock-a-doodle- doo, out to the Dog Park!rise-n-shine 5:30am-6:30am

NOTE: The camera’s repeat a scanning pattern which viewer cannot control. If cameras aren’t working please let us know so we can call the streaming company. It usually just takes a quick call and they are back up in matter of minutes. Also trying a new browser sometimes cures the issue, or re-clicking on play button a few times.


We do our best to follow the schedule but there are times we are unable to because of unforeseen interruptions. Sunday’s we don’t follow the activities, and Saturdays the dogs usually go inside an hour early.