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  3. I authorizes this signed contract to be valid approval for future services without having to sign additional contracts each time my pet returns for subsequent visits to Always Unleashed Pet Resort (A.U.P.R.).
  4. I hereby declare that my dog/s or cat/s have been inoculated as indicated by the records I presented to A.U.P.R. I also understand that even though all pets are properly vaccinated in the facility, a medical situation could arise due to the communal group of dogs. I, the client, will be responsible for any and all medical costs if my dogs catches a communicable disease while under the care of A.U.P.R. Dogs need DHLPP (Distemper), Rabies and Boardetella (kennel cough)/ Cats need proof of rabies and FVRCP (distemper)
  5. I have not held back any information from Always Unleashed’s staff and/or temperament evaluator as to whether my dog has ever been in a dog fight or bitten any other dog or person whether it was at my home, on a walk, dog park, different boarding or day care facility, etc.
  6. I recognize the many outstanding benefits of dog socialization and I am requesting my dog to be in a socialized environment while under the care of A.U.P.R. My small dog/s, if I have one, may be mixed with the large dog/s, or vise versa, depending on the temperament and personality of the dog/s.
  7. Owner agrees their pet/s shall not leave the facility until all charges due are paid in full. If collection proceedings are necessary on the behalf of Always Unleashed Pet /Resort I, the client, will be responsible for any and all attorney fees incurred in the event they couldn’t collect monies owed to them by me, the client. $35 handling fee will be applied on any returned checks.
  8. In consideration of all services rendered by Always Unleashed Pet Resort I wave any and all claims, actions, or demands of any nature foreseen or unforeseen, that I may have against Always Unleashed Pet Resort related to care, control, health, grooming, training, and/or safety of my dog arising during pick-up, drop-off, and stay at the facility.
  9. I understand that there are risks involved, including scrapes and cuts, which are commonplace due to the nature of dog play. More serious injuries cannot be predicted but I am aware harm or loss could come to my pet due to the nature of the cage-free setting. If an emergency should arise, A.U.P.R. will do their best to contact me but in the event they cannot, I authorize A.U.P.R. to approve any medical treatment recommended by a veterinarian. I agree to reimburse Always Unleashed Pet Resort for all expenses incurred due to such said event. If you suspect or feel your dog could jump out of the block walls please do not bring your dog here we are not responsible for such said event.
  10. I understand Always Unleashed Pet Resort has the right to refuse service to me and/or my dog at any time for any reason and A.U.P.R. can seek alternative boarding arrangements if they feel the need due to safety, illness or aggression.
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